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Dharma Coaching Services

Wings of Bliss Coaching offers an antidote to the fear and suffering prevalent in today’s world. Coaching sessions in dharma coaching build skill in practices extremely powerful that the essence of your being can be transformed at its very core. The following are just a few of the issues addressed that you may witness transform while working with Maitri as you cultivate inner confidence, joy and deep clarity within.

Unlock your intuitive wisdom, transform emotional overwhelm or blockages, find powerful confidence within and reclaim your joyous authentic self today.

Maitri offers in-person sessions for clients in Marin, SF and Sonoma counties and phone and video conferencing (Skype, Google+, FaceTime) coaching sessions. Dharma coaching sessions range from 1-2 hour sessions depending on your needs. For shamanic hypnotherapy sessions, dharma training is a minimum of 1 ½-hours, as it takes longer to move into the depth of the work when hypnosis is involved. Maitri encourages whenever possible for you to utilize

2-hour sessions to gain the most benefit from her coaching system.

Maitri is clear that the guidance she offers as a conscious dharma trainer is NOT therapy. She states that “dharma coaching” is NOT a therapeutic process; it is a pragmatic, skills-based system of personal, emotional and spiritual development that focuses on present moment experience, moving forward towards the near future”.

If at any time, Maitri believes that you may need services beyond the coaching model (therapy services), she will address this issue in coaching and depending on the issue will request either that you seek outside counseling from a qualified therapist while utilizing her services or suspend coaching until therapy has been completed. She will give appropriate therapeutic referrals to you to enable you to be successful in your own personal growth and development.

If you have any questions not answered here please contact Maitri for more information about your particular situation or needs. Maitri looks forward to working with you and is happy in helping you achieve your personal growth and spiritual development goals.

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