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About Maitri Joy, CLC

Maitri’s own path of sexual, emotional and spiritual healing & growth started many years ago during her first energetic-tantric Hindu retreat when she was in college studying for her bachelor’s degree. Her experiences during this retreat had a profound effect on her, and changed the course of her life. It was then that she decided to make sacred-energetic practice an essential part of her life, weaving in energetic practices from several spiritual disciplines through all of her emotional, spiritual and sexual experiences.

She then began to seek out energetic training wherever she could find it. During this process, she was also studying other Eastern spiritual traditions, and began to see how they were all interconnected. In 1999, she began to integrate these practices into her shamanic hypnotherapy work with clients, and has continued to refine this integration process to this day.

As a sacred couples coach & dharma trainer, Maitri now offers her unique system of personal growth, energy training and spiritual development directly to her clients. This gives them the most advanced approach to personal growth and spiritual development in the coaching field today.

In 2010, Maitri became licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist to broaden her skills. Although her coaching approach at times may be informed by past therapeutic endeavors, she does not do “therapy” within the coaching model. She works with her clients in present time and only on rare occasions “visits” the past when necessary to serve a client’s ability to stay in the present.

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