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About Wings of Bliss

  • “The Fast Path” to Growth & Transformation

    Wings of Bliss - Individual & Couples Sacred Dharma CoachingWings of Bliss Coaching specializes in coaching clients on integrating Eastern energetic practices into client’s daily lives.  These practices offer an opportunity for clients to make dramatic shifts in their personal, emotional and sexual growth in just a shorter period of time than conventional coaching and counseling. With consistent practice, these new energetic skills, offer shifts that stabilize and build over time, providing even greater benefit with long-term practice.

    Wings of Bliss Coaching works with clients on several levels, sometimes at the same time! These levels include the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. Because of this multi-level coaching sytstem, clients can expect to experience rapid healing, deep personal growth and tranformative spiritual development. Clients experience a greater capacity of true joy, harmony and loving-kindness for themselves, their partners and their community.

  • Specialized Sacred Energetic Coaching System

    Wings of BlissMaitri Joy integrates and teaches energetic vibrational training with clairvoyant  clearing, chakra healing meditations and other energy practices by weaving them into her own unique coaching system that is specialized for personal growth, emotional and sexual healing as well as spiritual development.

    She also incorporates meditations, practices, and techniques from Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist energetic spiritual traditions to offer you the most advanced personal development system for individual and couples coaching today.

  • Cultural Diversity

    Wings of BlissCultural sensitivity is extremely important to Maitri as she herself grew up in a multi-cultural home. Thus, she understands the unique challenges culturally diverse clients face in life and within their relationships. She has many years of experience working with clients of marginalized cultural/ethnic groups in the Bay Area and is comfortable talking about sensitive cultural issues, bringing them up during the coaching process when necessary.

    In addition, Maitri encourages LGBT clients to seek her services for coaching, as she has many years of experience in working with LGBT issues and understands the unique challenges LGBT clients face while living within the dominant heterosexual culture.

  • All Types of Relationship Styles

    about_3In addition to monogamous relationships, Maitri is experienced in working with polyamorous couples and other types of “alternative” relationships. She is quite comfortable navigating the complex world of multi-partner relationships, and is also trained in coaching clients who desire to transition from one relationship style to another.  Some of the issues she deals with during coaching include jealousy issues, emotional safety concerns for all partners, mutual agreement support, navigation of multi-layered complex communication styles, and other challenging concerns dealt with in ‘alternative’ lifestyle choices.

    If you are not certain whether your relationship is a style she is experienced with, please contact her so she may answer your questions as she provides a safe & confidential space in which to connect.

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