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Compassionate Communication & Presence: Awakening Your Joyous State of Being

Compassionate Communication & Presence: Awakening Your Joyous State of Being

Over ten years ago, I witnessed a talk given by Marshall Rosenberg, which deeply affected me. He offered a fresh new way to connect with the heart of compassion, one that has brought much inspiration, hope and gratitude into my life. I would like to share my reflections with you about how I integrate this model with my presence practice, as a guide not only to opening up your heart to compassion but also as a path for your own spiritual awakening.

At the time, it seemed as if I was just learning a new language, a way to understand how to communicate more compassionately with others. However, what I have come to realize over time is that this was a gross simplification. This model, when combined with the presence practice I teach my clients, opens a deeper connection with the self; a connection that is rooted in being. Fluency in this language is not just in learning new words or a specific technique. Fluency is actually in the embodiment of compassionate change that brings about a movement from focusing on egoistic needs to a deeper, more profound place of unconditional love rooted in the present moment. Thus, what I have found is that in the actual exchange of giving and receiving compassion, something wonderful begins to take root; our deepest sacred selves begin to emerge.

Allow your awakend state of being to shine with compassionate communication & presence practice

Serendipitously, the beauty of this integration between compassionate communication and presence is that no matter how much pain you are in; you can return again and again to the joyous state of being that is your true self. I offer these words as inspiration for a deeper sacred place, where we can effortlessly communicate our deepest thoughts, feelings and needs while simultaneously allowing ourselves to dance in the space of unconditional love that is rooted in our joyous being. I look forwared to you joining me in this dance…

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