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Meditation For Releasing Stress & Recharging Your Energy System

Currently, over 70% of Americans experience regular psychological and physiological effects caused by stress. Because of this many of my clients have asked me to give them tools to release stress and recharge their energy system throughout their day. Establishing a centered and grounded space daily is the first step towards living a more conscious joyous life. This 6-step practice can be learned in just one sitting. It is a powerful tool for releasing stress and recharging your energy system. Please let me know how it works for you.

Grounding Your Energy Within Your Physical Body

Please start with this grounding practice before you begin ALL other practices, tools and meditations that I give you either through life coaching, via email or found on my website. Once you have learned this technique, it can be completed quickly (just 30 seconds) to return to the present moment and stay connected within your body. Complete this practice often in the beginning to reap the most benefit, or possibly even several times a day if necessary during times of stress. The more you practice it, the greater the results.

  1. Sit comfortably on a chair, couch or meditation cushion and begin to notice your breath. Let go of any thoughts and return again and again to the experience of your breath in present time.
  2. Visualize, sense or feel a grounding cord located at the base of your spine that is connected deeply into the earth’s core. Imagine this cord pulling all your energy down into your body, centered and grounded at the base of your spine. You may see your energy as a color if you can visualize it or you may feel or sense it. There is no right way to experience your grounding cord, do what works best for you.
Releasing Stress & Recharging your Energy System
  1. Imaging your grounding cord connected inside the earth’s core. You can either imagine it actually locked or stuck into the earth or feel your cord keeping your energy connected within your body, which will center you in present time. Next, visualize all stressful emotions and thoughts moving down your body, and out your grounding cord dissolving into the earth. Repeat this process until you feel deep relaxation and peace.
  2. To recharge your energy system, imagine or feel all your energy that you have given away to other people, past experiences, events, or even objects throughout your day or past week gradually returning and merging with your physical body. Continue to do this step until you feel refreshed, recharged and centered.
Healing/Completion Practice
  1. Imagine unconditional loving energy from the universe pouring down from the top of your head filling your whole body, offering you loving healing energy, recharging the core of your being and balancing your entire energy system. You know this step is working when you feel any warmth within your body, the emotion of love in your heart-center, feelings of peace or experiencing your energy system as centered and balanced.
  2. When you feel complete with this healing energy, bend over and touch the earth with your hands to return any excess energy back to the universe. Repeat any steps above if necessary. Return again and again to this practice whenever you need to and watch its effect deepen over time.


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