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Deepening Reverence & Joy Through Sacred Communion

Deepening Reverence & Joy Through Sacred Communion

Sacred communion is the playful dance of the divine masculine and feminine forces within your relationship. Regardless of whether your connection is heterosexual, bisexual or gay, the play of the divine masculine and feminine is at work and it is these polar opposites that allow the breath of vitality and passion to assert their power. I invite you to play in a new world where partners experience wild passionate abandon as couples learn how to open each other through humor, love and presence.

There are many practices that couples may experiment with as they enter into the world of intimate sacred communion. Just 20 minutes a day of celebrating your connection can begin to unravel deep resentments and painful past experiences; allowing reverence for each other to spring forth.

Using eye contact, deeply connect with your partner and let old thoughts and memories dissolve as you experience this moment freely. See the divine essence of your partner and the timelessness of the soul. Remember reverence as you feed each other chocolate and other tantalizing foods.  Open each other through humorous playfulness and let your connection intensify and spill out into the world. Watch the state of the divine masculine presence and the dance of the divine feminine love open your hearts and minds as you surrender into blissful union. Allow the divine masculine to surrender as it embodies presence through the claiming of the feminine. Let the love that is the divine feminine burst forth through surrendering and the opening of the masculine.

Reverence & joy are always available to you through sacred communion

Intimate sacred communion then becomes a living breathing entity that flows from each partner as a reminder of the awakening of our deepest passionate and wildest selves not to be forgotten or ignored. I invite you to find this place in your relationship and accept nothing less then the divine play of the masculine and feminine.

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