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Cultivating Bliss: Experience the Stillness in Nature

Cultivating Bliss: Experience the Stillness in Nature

Throughout my life, I have always felt a deep kinship with nature and thought this kinship was due to the beauty I witnessed in the colorful arrays of light, sound, and the rich smells of the deep canopy. However, I now know there is a deeper meaning in the beauty I have always seen in the vastness of the forest floor. It wasn’t until I began to consciously practice awareness, that I realized the presence of nature, within the trees, plants and wildlife. It is this presence that calls me back again and again.

A great way to awaken bliss in your life is to spend quality time in nature.

The beauty of nature is rooted not only in the external, the beautiful multitudes of form, but also from its inner dimensions of stillness. The calmness I witness here comes from a deep place within nature where thought ceases to exist. Within a forest, we get to behold a timeless experience where thought has not yet arisen in the myriad forms present here.

It is said that nature’s presence precedes thought and that is why such dimensions of peace can be felt amongst its embrace. As part of the human species we can tap into this joyous stillness, by moving beyond thought and entering into the vastness of space, if even for a brief moment. It is because of this profound capacity of stillness, that I believe nature to be one of the great portals of being.

Take a walk by yourself or with your partner in nature and see how deeply meaningful this experience can be. Build reverence and bliss in your life by leaving your labels, thoughts, and descriptions behind; witnessing for yourself the joyous experience of being. You will then be able to know the true essence of beauty itself.

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